Christmas Campaign 2016

With less than 100 days until Christmas our Christmas Campaign is kicking off early this year, as we envisage this to be a really busy one. I have been in contact with Barnardos, an organisation we support every year with presents and food hampers. This year we are concentrating on their teenagers 16-18 year olds. They constantly support about 100 local teenagers, with most of them facing Christmas alone and many receiving no gifts at all. The Frost Foundation will donate food hampers and gifts but if you would be willing to add an extra gift to your list for these young people that would be very well received, as then they will have a couple of present on Christmas morning. I know teenagers can be difficult to buy for but some ideas include toiletries, make up, fragrances, jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves – all these are luxuries to these kids. Presents don’t need to be wrapped please just put them in a Christmas gift bag. Please get in touch if you can help. Thank you

Fred Frost Memorial Golf Day

Great day yesterday for the Fred Frost Memorial Golf Day. Winners were Man United Former Players, 2nd Mark Elliotts team, 3rd FC United. Thanks to all the sponsors and golf teams for their support. We raised £5500 which will go a long way to helping with our Christmas Campaign.

Auction of Promises

Yet another successful Auction of Promises raising over £1800.

Thank you to everyone who contributed by donating a prize, the bidders and the winners. Your support is so much appreciated.

Sensory equipment for Ronnie

We’ve had a request come through to help a 3yr old boy from Whitefield with complex Hunters Syndrome, also known as MPS11. This is a progressive disorder involving every cell in the body, it is also life limiting. Treatment for this condition is a weekly infusion intravenously of a special drug, which is a recombinant form of the missing enzyme.
Ronnie attends a special nursery a couple of days a week and has the use of their sensory room. He responds well to light and sound. His doctors feel having some sensory equipment at home would benefit him. His young parents are not in a position to be able to afford this so I’ve just placed an order for some sensory equipment to enable them to have a little sensory room at home for Ronnie.

School Uniforms

This summer we have been asked to help many local families who are living in tough times with new school uniforms for their children.  Having a new uniform not only gives the children more confidence going back to school but stops them being bullied.

That’s all the uniforms sorted – 15 families with 38 kids between them all got brand new uniforms from head to toe for when they start back at school in September

Riding lessons for Samera

The Frost Foundation has been asked to help a little girl called Samera. Samera was born with significant health difficulties , she has chronic lung disease , scoliosis , prune belly syndrome ( which means she has no abdominal walls ) , she walks with assistance of a walking frame .
The therapist involved inform her scoliosis has worsened following her recent hip surgery – she has been in a plaster cast for 12 weeks ,
We are informed that horse riding will benefit and strengthen her core trunk – with a view to her walking independently . We have booked a course of 20 special riding lessons for Samera, hoping this will help with her rehab. Good luck Samera we will check your progress with much interest

Tottington Primary School

That’s another donation from the Frost Foundation completed. Over £1000 worth of Sensory Equipment delivered to Tottington Primary School so the children with special needs can look forward to a brand new sensory room in the new term.


Earlier this month we had a request to help a little boy who has a diagnosis of Smith Magenis Syndrome which affects his learning with some associated health needs ie; unable to reproduce , reoccurring chest / coughs and colds , squint, sometime spending lots of time in hospital.
He doesnt communicate at all.
He has just started at nursery and with speech input , he has shown good skills using an ipad , and there are a number of apps the speech therapist has provided to help him.

We are delighted to have provided an ipad for him.

Eden Millers Progress

Had the most amazing news today. This is a very special piece of equipment that we have bought for Eden, the young girl who had a horrific accident earlier this year, resulting in her having a hypoxic brain injury. Eden is obviously a very strong girl as her progress is coming along so well that she was actually pedalling the bike on her own today. Her mum sent me the amazing news and asked me to thank everyone for their kind donations which helped buy this equipment. This is what we do, we try to help local children and their families have a better quality of life. Well done Eden we are so proud of you .

Ladies Ascot Day

Thank you to all the ladies who attended the Ascot Ladies Day at Mere Court , you all looked fabulous. I mentioned at the beginning of the day we are looking to get a special piece of equipment for a 2 yr old little girl who has Spina Bifida and thanks to the generosity of the ladies today we will be ordering that equipment tomorrow. So thank you ladies. And for those asking yes we will be holding the event again next year but at a different venue.