P Pod Chair for Noel

Noel is a little boy who he is registered deaf and blind and has severe epilepsy that is resistant to drugs, he needs the safety harness on a special P Pod chair to secure his safety and give him comfort, At the moment he has to sit in his pram chair as he is having daily seizures. Today the Frost Foundation has ordered a special P Pod chair for Noel. We hope this chair will give him the comfort and security he needs.

Bellagio Britannia Ball

Just a few tables left for the Bellagio Britannia Ball on 12th May 2018 at the Midland Hotel. Get in touch soon if you would like a table.

We are looking for prizes that would be suitable for either the raffle or the auction. If you could help with a prize please get in touch.

Many thanks

Easter Eggs

Would anyone who has kindly offered to donate Easter Eggs please have them dropped off before 16th March please.  That gives us enough time to buy as many as we need and have them delivered in time for Easter to all the children we are supporting.

Drop off points are Trattoria in Swinton & Apex in Radcliffe. Thank you

Eye Gaze for Eleni

We have had a request for an eye gaze package for Eleni.

Eleni has epilepsy , significant motor developmental delay and a cortical visual impairment , it has been really difficult to determine what vision Eleni has , however most recently Eleni had the eye gaze assessment and her responses were amazing , she was able to prompt responses on the object using her vision , and so has identified she has better vision that originally thought
The eye gaze can be used as a learning tool to further support her development using her vision as her mobility is so limited and is non verbal.
This is a really expensive piece of kit but would make such a difference to this little girls life. The trustees have sanctioned the Frost Foundation to buy this for Eleni.

Easter Eggs

Today is the first day of lent which means Easter is fast approaching. The Frost Foundation will once again be donating Easter Eggs to local children who are living with their families in crisis. Many families are struggling to put food on the tables so luxuries like Easter Eggs are something many of these children wont be getting this year. Working with local social services we are hoping to identify these families and bring a little chocolate joy to them. If anyone would like to help by donating an egg please let me know and I will arrange drop off points. Drop off dates are from Monday 23rd Feb to Friday 16th March. Thank you

Testimonial from Social Worker.

This is a lovely testimonial from one of the Social Workers we work with.

I was informed about the Frost Foundation about 2 years ago by another Colleague , basically as finding funding quickly for the children and families that we support can be a lengthy process , which then adds stress to the family when an item is required.

The families that we support in the Starting life well service are children aged between 0-5 years , who have multi agency involvement due to their complex health needs or development , we support children with life limiting conditions , children with or without a diagnosis  , requiring high levels of care both day and night

From being in contact with Wendy and the Frost team , I have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity  and effective work going on  for the families we support , and has without doubt been a real lifeline for families in supporting much needed items to further aid their child’s progress  , in their development and learning or in their physical development

My role as Designated key worker supports the co ordination of services for families to ensure all the needs are being met , I can honestly say that in all my 12 years as a key worker , I have never come across such an amazing charity as The Frost Foundation , the process of a request is speedy , effective and non invasive , meaning that often when applying to charities , the application process is a lengthy one which then adds pressure on the family when an item is required as we find that most families we support are already under a lot of pressure caring for their child , The Frost Foundation takes that pressure away providing specific equipment to further support their child

To date –The Foundation has supported

·        A specialised walking frame for a child with Cerebral palsy

·        A larger buggy to support a child with complex health needs and oxygen dependant

·        Horse riding therapy lessons for a child with significant health needs , to support her truncal development .

·        Eye gaze package for child with a neurological condition and vision impairment

·        Specialised neuro physiotherapy  for a child with Cerebral palsy

·        I pad for child with a diagnosis ,significant developmental delay

·        I pad for child without a diagnosis who shows delay in her speech and language / communication

·        Rain covers for the specialised buggy provided by Occupational therapy however covers are not provided

·        Support for our vulnerable families , providing toys at Christmas and Easter eggs at Easter

These items specifically identified for the child has already made such a difference , in further aiding the child’s progress or making life just easier

I truly hope that the Frost Foundation continue to do their amazing work  ,  I know on behalf of myself , my colleagues and the families that we support that beyond doubt Wendy and the Foundation has already made a difference to so many lives and hopefully will continue to do so


Barnardos Thank You

Felt quite emotional after reading this from Sapphira at Barnardos. It makes all the hard graft so worthwhile knowing we have made a difference to so many lives.

Thank you soooooo much for the massive generosity you have all made to support our young care leavers at Barnardo’s. The young people absolutely LOVED their gift bags and Christmas food hampers and they were literally in shock at the quality and amount of gifts they had been given. We too as staff were just overwhelmed at the kindness an…d love shown by you all at what can be a really difficult and lonely time for vulnerable young people.
Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for the care, thought and love the went into all of the gifts and hampers – from the gifts to the cute gift bags, reusable hamper bags (they loved them), to the people who organised storage and did shopping trips in their own time! You guys are a true inspiration and what an act of human kindness you have given to our children and young people this Christmas time.

Thank you Wendy and everyone involved. We wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

Comments from the young people:

v Please thank everyone who gave us these gifts – they’re well mint!
v This is like really decent stuff – normally at food banks you just get the basics but Christmas is going to be well sick [cool] now.
v Oh my goodness – I’ve needed a new bag for ages! Yay!!!!
v One boy had tears in his eyes and said “You don’t know what this means to me – thank you”
v Was so worried I wouldn’t have any food at Christmas thanks you all
v Yo! look at my new slippers – Hands off their mine!
v Shut up! Look at all this make-up! Agghhhhh!
v I was really worried as I just don’t have money for food this month but look at all this – I’m so grateful
v Makes you realise people do care in this world
v Look at all this mate…What have you got?
v Mint man!
v Yesssssss!
v Thank you for thinking of people you don’t even know and making sure they have a Christmas

Thanks so much Wendy and everyone at the Frost Foundation

Thank You

Its so nice to receive notes and emails like this.

Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much on behalf of all the staff at Radcliffe Childrens Centres. The gifts and toys will make a huge difference to the Children and families.We all would like to offer a huge Thank you for all the support that has also  been offered throughout the year. The donations have made huge differences to our children and families.

All the staff wish you all at the Frost Foundation a very Happy Christmas and Healthy new Year.


Christmas Campaign-2

As well as donating all the presents for the children we donated 100 hampers of food to families living in crisis and Barnardos teenagers living independently.  Thank you to the ladies attending the Spice Lunch for their donations and very special thanks to Angela Canning for donating £2000 which made it possible for us to do more hampers than ever this year.  Thanks also to Jane for letting us use her house to store the hampers until they could be delivered.


Christmas Campaign

The best part of November & December was spent on the Christmas Campaign. This year we donated over 1000 present to local vulnerable children. who without our support many of those children would not have received any presents at all.
To date this Christmas we have donated presents to;
Barnardos young people who are living independently.
Radcliffe Hub for 20 local families
Bury & Radcliffe Social services for families living in crisis…
2 families from Maureens church
6 families from Johns church
Fortalice Refuge for families fleeing domestic violence
Salford Social Services for their families living in crisis
Bolton lads & girls club for their carers
Salford young people & teenagers living in poverty.
Big Steps Nursery
Sale Carers Centre
10 individual families who have contacted us via our website
Mum & her 2 kids moved to the area fleeing violence
We couldn’t have managed this without the help of so many people, from everyone who kindly donated presents, to the ladies who helped me at the unit sort them all out – thank you everyone.