A Pushchair for Zainab

Zainab is 2 yrs old. She was born with complex health needs requiring ventilation at birth , she has chronic lung disease , she is 24 oxygen dependant and has a hole in her heart requiring surgery , her lung disease means she is prone to picking up infections and has a low immune system , in her short life she has spent more than a third in hospital , this has impacted on her development and as yet is not able to walk unaided however it is envisaged that she will be succe…ssful in doing this . Zainab as yet has few spoken words , but uses gestures of pointing or shaking of her head to inform the adult of what she wants .Zainab requires a sturdy buggy that can support the carrying of her portable oxygen tank that she requires continuously.

So I have just been chatting to a very lovely chap at a large retail store who has given me a special price for one and will have it delivered on Saturday just in time for Christmas.

Another local child supported by the Frost Foundation.