Barnardos Thank You

Felt quite emotional after reading this from Sapphira at Barnardos. It makes all the hard graft so worthwhile knowing we have made a difference to so many lives.

Thank you soooooo much for the massive generosity you have all made to support our young care leavers at Barnardo’s. The young people absolutely LOVED their gift bags and Christmas food hampers and they were literally in shock at the quality and amount of gifts they had been given. We too as staff were just overwhelmed at the kindness an…d love shown by you all at what can be a really difficult and lonely time for vulnerable young people.
Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for the care, thought and love the went into all of the gifts and hampers – from the gifts to the cute gift bags, reusable hamper bags (they loved them), to the people who organised storage and did shopping trips in their own time! You guys are a true inspiration and what an act of human kindness you have given to our children and young people this Christmas time.

Thank you Wendy and everyone involved. We wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

Comments from the young people:

v Please thank everyone who gave us these gifts – they’re well mint!
v This is like really decent stuff – normally at food banks you just get the basics but Christmas is going to be well sick [cool] now.
v Oh my goodness – I’ve needed a new bag for ages! Yay!!!!
v One boy had tears in his eyes and said “You don’t know what this means to me – thank you”
v Was so worried I wouldn’t have any food at Christmas thanks you all
v Yo! look at my new slippers – Hands off their mine!
v Shut up! Look at all this make-up! Agghhhhh!
v I was really worried as I just don’t have money for food this month but look at all this – I’m so grateful
v Makes you realise people do care in this world
v Look at all this mate…What have you got?
v Mint man!
v Yesssssss!
v Thank you for thinking of people you don’t even know and making sure they have a Christmas

Thanks so much Wendy and everyone at the Frost Foundation