Christmas Campaign 2016

With less than 100 days until Christmas our Christmas Campaign is kicking off early this year, as we envisage this to be a really busy one. I have been in contact with Barnardos, an organisation we support every year with presents and food hampers. This year we are concentrating on their teenagers 16-18 year olds. They constantly support about 100 local teenagers, with most of them facing Christmas alone and many receiving no gifts at all. The Frost Foundation will donate food hampers and gifts but if you would be willing to add an extra gift to your list for these young people that would be very well received, as then they will have a couple of present on Christmas morning. I know teenagers can be difficult to buy for but some ideas include toiletries, make up, fragrances, jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves – all these are luxuries to these kids. Presents don’t need to be wrapped please just put them in a Christmas gift bag. Please get in touch if you can help. Thank you