Testimonial from Social Worker.

This is a lovely testimonial from one of the Social Workers we work with.

I was informed about the Frost Foundation about 2 years ago by another Colleague , basically as finding funding quickly for the children and families that we support can be a lengthy process , which then adds stress to the family when an item is required.

The families that we support in the Starting life well service are children aged between 0-5 years , who have multi agency involvement due to their complex health needs or development , we support children with life limiting conditions , children with or without a diagnosis  , requiring high levels of care both day and night

From being in contact with Wendy and the Frost team , I have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity  and effective work going on  for the families we support , and has without doubt been a real lifeline for families in supporting much needed items to further aid their child’s progress  , in their development and learning or in their physical development

My role as Designated key worker supports the co ordination of services for families to ensure all the needs are being met , I can honestly say that in all my 12 years as a key worker , I have never come across such an amazing charity as The Frost Foundation , the process of a request is speedy , effective and non invasive , meaning that often when applying to charities , the application process is a lengthy one which then adds pressure on the family when an item is required as we find that most families we support are already under a lot of pressure caring for their child , The Frost Foundation takes that pressure away providing specific equipment to further support their child

To date –The Foundation has supported

·        A specialised walking frame for a child with Cerebral palsy

·        A larger buggy to support a child with complex health needs and oxygen dependant

·        Horse riding therapy lessons for a child with significant health needs , to support her truncal development .

·        Eye gaze package for child with a neurological condition and vision impairment

·        Specialised neuro physiotherapy  for a child with Cerebral palsy

·        I pad for child with a diagnosis ,significant developmental delay

·        I pad for child without a diagnosis who shows delay in her speech and language / communication

·        Rain covers for the specialised buggy provided by Occupational therapy however covers are not provided

·        Support for our vulnerable families , providing toys at Christmas and Easter eggs at Easter

These items specifically identified for the child has already made such a difference , in further aiding the child’s progress or making life just easier

I truly hope that the Frost Foundation continue to do their amazing work  ,  I know on behalf of myself , my colleagues and the families that we support that beyond doubt Wendy and the Foundation has already made a difference to so many lives and hopefully will continue to do so